Welcome Back to the new Narrow Way Wife

It’s been a while!

You won’t find any of the old content here. I’ve started fresh. New layout, new posts. New perspective.

Where did I go?

I went home.

God spoke to me about the amount of time I was spending online. (this seems to be a constant struggle for me) So after a year of growing the blog and pouring out my heart to my readers, I closed the door and walked back home.

Home to my husband, who always supported my writing, and so graciously overlooked the state of the house when I was blogging (about been a good housewife!).

Home to my children, who didn’t mind that mama wasn’t as attentive to their schooling. Hey, it gave them more time to watch TV and play. After all, mama was busy blogging (about being a good mother!)

Most importantly I went back home to my Jesus! I spent less time writing about Him and more time reading about Him.

So, why am I back? Because I feel ready. Ready to balance my life a bit better. Ready to walk away from the computer when I am needed elsewhere. Because I no longer care about stats. If I get one follower or one thousand, I will write what’s on my heart and pray that it’s a blessing to someone.

So with that said, I hope to be an encouragement. Because let’s face it…it’s easy to follow the wide path, but it take courage to walk the narrow way.


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