Modest Monday

Today I’m linking up with Caroline @ The Modest Mom Blog for Modest Mondays.

Today I’d like to show what the girls and I wore to church yesterday and

stick around to the end for some parting shots of the whole family.

Jen 1

Shirt and Laying Tank: Thrift Store

Skirt: Hand Me Down from MIL

Shoes: CVS

Necklace: Locket, gift from my Hubby when my dad passed.

Micaela 1

Micaela: Age 13

Tank: Justice

Layering Tank: Wal Mart

Skirt: Consignment Shop

Shoes: Justice

Lydia 1

Lydia: Age 10

Shirt: Wal Mart

Skirt: Yard Sale

Shoes: Consignment Shop

Emily 1

Emily: Age 8

Dress: Consignment Shop

Leggings: Wal Mart

Shoes: Dollar General

And here are a few other pictures from our Sunday morning.


Jen and Josh 1

Joshua: Age 12


Bubba: Age 11


The Whole Gang

all kids

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