Making a Modest Shopping Look-Book

Every year with our tax return we do two main things: buy our homeschool curriculum for the next year and go clothes shopping. We have a very limited clothing budget throughout the year, and this is the best time to mass shop for the year ahead.

Pinterest has been such a wonderful inspiration for modest outfits and this year I got a cool idea. My first thought was to pull up Pinterest on the phone while shopping and try to duplicate the outfits that way. That would be fine, but the pictures would be rather small. Then it dawned on me…a “Look-Book”!

I am in the process of making our book, but I thought I would share our first page and give the inspiration to make your own.

look book pic

Firstly, Include the pictures of outfits. I have organized the pages by color scheme, skirt material (long denim, mid denim, khaki, etc), and style (western, dressy).

Then I type up exactly what color and pieces I am looking for. (Black knee high boots, pink flats, brown western belt, red plaid skirt) making it easier to know which pieces in the pictures you actually need and/or want.

Also remember that you are using the pictures as a guide. If you are thrift and consignment shopping like me, it will be almost impossible to perfectly duplicate the looks.

I hope this helps, and if anyone is inspired to share this idea, I would love a link back šŸ™‚

Happy Modest Shopping!


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