What I Believe

This isn’t your typical statement of faithYou’ve come here for more than my commentary on the scriptures, you have come here for my commentary on life.So here where I stand. You could call this my character profile.Ā  The character that I hope to encourage in other women.

I acknowledge that other women feel differently on one or probably more topics, and that’s ok with me, we all have to search the Scriptures and pray for God to reveal to us how to live. This is where I am in my walk.

I believe in the family as God designed it. One man, one woman, as many kids as he sees fit. I believe in quiver-full. I got my tubes tied and eventually had a hysterectomy. It was not something I wanted, my health demanded it, but nonetheless, it is something that haunts me still. The desire to bring children in this world, to love and nurture is very strong within me.

I believe that God put in place a hierarchy within the family structure. Just like all companies and organizations have a chain of command, I believe God desires for the family to have a chain also. God-Husband-Wife-Children-Others. I believe that men and women are equal unto salvation, but each plays a unique and unchangeable roll in the family. I believe that the man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church, and that the woman is to honor and respect her husband, including obeying his decisions. I believe that women play a vital roll in maintaining the home and helping the man make major decisions. I believe that a godly man will listen to his wife’s counsel. I believe children are subject to their parents and must honor, respect and obey them without hesitation.

I believe women’s main role is in the home. I believe that her biggest area of ministry is to her family and anything that detracts from that is a hindrance.

I believe that every person should be active in a local body of believers, the church. I believe that a woman’s role in the church should be one of teaching and supporting, not pastoring, leading (except in the area of women’s and children’s ministry) or subjugating authority. I do not believe in women preachers, but am all for women teaching others, and ministering in many other ways.

I believe in homeschooling. My children have been in all sorts of school settings, and I believe that God has called out Christians to step away from government schools and teach our own. I do believe that *most* private Christian schools are a wonderful alternative to homeschooling.

I believe in dressing modestly. I do not think it a sin for a woman to wear pants, I do not believe in legalism which states a strict standard of dress or you are “not right with God”. I do believe that God has called THIS woman to NOT wear pants. My girls do not either. I believe that modesty comes first from within, then it begins to show on the outside. For me, dressing this way helps keep my mind off fashion, fitting in, displaying my body, and causing men to stumble. I strive to be a modern modest woman, keeping classy and staying “in style” while keeping my outward adornment free from any type of immorality.

This is the gist of who I am. I encourage women who believe differently to join in the conversations, but will not tolerate anyone being disrespectful of my beliefs (or others’). A differing opinion is one thing, and healthy conversations are encouraged, but anyone being rude will not be allowed to comment.


2 thoughts on “What I Believe

  1. Bless your heart. I am so sorry to hear that you had to have a hysterectomy. šŸ˜¦ I cannot imagine your pain.
    Our “beliefs” are quite the same! Neat!

    We’ve been dresses/skirts only for a long time. Like, many years! There have been times over the years when we’ve experimented with wearing pants because we have realized that wearing them is not a “sin”. But you know what? I have noticed a difference in our girls’ behavior. They are more, oh what’s the word….. boyish, maybe?
    I don’t know. So the pants seasons have always been short lived.

    We’ve recently started allowing the girls to wear their pants again. (they each only have 1 pair!)
    And you know? I just told my husband last night that I’d rather our girls dress in their skirts. They just look more feminine as well. šŸ™‚ He said he was okay with that too.


  2. I agree that pants tend to allow little ladies (and older ones as well) to behave a little more boyish. I found that the times when I wore pants, I would sit with my legs spread out, and so would the girls. Wearing skirts forces one to be physically more modest.

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